My Story



Zippoli.....the tradition lives on

My Story


It all started when...

Mum and Dad migrated to Australia from a little town called Rocella Ionica which was war torn and economically distressed. This is a  little town located on the Ionian Sea in Calabria, southern Italy.




Growing up with an Italian Heritage, family gatherings were always large so catering for so many people needed to be quick, efficient and most importantly being Italian - Tasty! Zippoli were the perfect treat, accommodating for both sweet and savoury preferences. They were either rolled in sugar and cinnamon or filled with nutella for those sweet lovers or stuffed with anchovies/ricotta or even ham and cheeses as a delicious appetiser. 

My love for Italian food, particularly Zippoli,  has made my decision to open a food cart dedicated to this appetiser/desert easy. 

I hope to incorporate and infuse all the traditional flavours that I remember as a child but with a modern twist into the food that is served at Zippoli's.